Embracing the Future

As a home-grown business in events experience design and implementation, NewLevel Dubai is committed to meticulous planning and a profound understanding of event objectives and goals. We take pride in our journey towards building a legacy in the industry, one that will thrive well into 2050 and beyond.

For us, events management isn’t merely a business endeavor for profit or amusement. It’s our integral role in a holistic business ecosystem, aiming to empower our clients and their stakeholders, while contributing positively to our community and environment.

We trust in the process, envisioning a bright future while cherishing our history, tracing back to our entrepreneurial beginnings in 2007.


Chairman and Chief Experience Officer, New Level Dubai



OWNERSHIP: Taking Responsibility as Owners

I believe in the purpose of my work and take ownership of every task.
I approach each day with a clear sense of purpose.
I offer support beyond my responsibilities if I have the capability to help.
I take pride in being a valuable contributor to our collective success.
PERFORMANCE: Results-Driven Excellence

Great efforts lead to experiences, but achievements lead to success.
I give my best at work and make the most of my free time for personal growth.
Timing is crucial; I consider it a cornerstone of successful performance.
QUALITY: Fulfilling Customer Needs with Excellence

I consider our customer as our employer, committed to solving their problems.
I consistently work efficiently and effectively to deliver the highest quality.
I prefer handling all quality aspects internally to provide the best services and experiences.
INNOVATION: Embracing Creative Solutions

I am a perpetual innovator, seeking new ways to overcome challenges.
Speed and efficiency are fundamental in execution.
Quality is never sacrificed for speed; we maintain high standards in all we do.
LEARNING: The Key to Market Dominance

I prioritize staying updated with global trends to foster creativity.
I proactively seek out learning opportunities, relying on self-improvement.
Continuous learning is the foundation of progress and staying ahead.

While we don’t enforce a strict dress code, we value professionalism and a polished appearance in all interactions, whether in the office or with clients.
Our working style is location-independent. You’re always welcome at our office, but you can contribute to our team’s success from anywhere, experiencing a true sense of ownership.
Access to our warehouse and company assets is available for our team, facilitating seamless event execution.
Educational courses are fully funded by the company, subject to certain conditions, enabling continuous growth.

We hold privacy in high regard, emphasizing integrity and respect for data, intellectual property, and know-how. We select our team members with care, recognizing the importance of confidentiality in all business communications.
Our team is well-versed in recognizing and addressing conflicts of interest, ensuring ethical conduct in professional settings.

Acknowledging the significant impact of the events business on the environment, NewLevel Dubai is dedicated to waste management, energy conservation, and reducing our events’ footprint on the planet.

New Level Dubai ensures equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone, without discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, or country of origin.
We actively foster a diverse workforce, creating a culture and environment that enable all team members to thrive together for the betterment of our company, stakeholders, and society as a whole.

Code of Conducts of NewLevel Dubai for events management

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