Sustainability Policy: Driving Dubai's Events Management with Environmental & Social Responsibility


At New Level Dubai, we recognize that the events industry can have a significant impact on the environment and society. As a responsible business, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations. We aim to integrate sustainability into our business strategy and decision-making process to create positive social and environmental impacts.


Reduce Waste: We will minimize waste generation by using reusable or recyclable materials, avoiding single-use items, and ensuring that all waste is sorted and disposed of properly.
Energy Efficiency: We will minimize energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment, turning off unused equipment, and optimizing lighting and temperature controls.
Sustainable Transport: We will encourage the use of public transport, cycling, and walking by our staff and clients to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Sustainable Food and Beverage: We will prioritize local, seasonal, and organic food and beverage options and minimize food waste by donating leftovers to local charities.
Carbon Footprint Reduction: We will measure and offset our carbon emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.


Diversity and Inclusion: We will promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace and events, ensuring that all individuals feel valued and respected.
Community Engagement: We will engage with the local community and support local businesses, charities, and causes.
Health and Safety: We will prioritize the health and safety of our staff, clients, and attendees, ensuring that all events are conducted in a safe and healthy environment.
Accessibility: We will ensure that our events are accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities, by providing accessible facilities and services.
Ethics and Transparency: We will conduct our business with integrity, transparency, and ethical standards, and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


We will implement our sustainability commitments by:

Establishing sustainability goals and targets and regularly reviewing and reporting on our progress.
Incorporating sustainability considerations into our event planning process, supplier selection, and procurement policies.
Providing sustainability training and resources to our staff, suppliers, and clients.
Encouraging feedback and suggestions from our staff, clients, and attendees on how we can improve our sustainability performance.
We will monitor our sustainability performance and continuously improve by:

Measuring our environmental footprint and social impacts using relevant metrics and tools.
Conducting regular sustainability audits and assessments of our operations and events.
Staying up-to-date with the latest sustainability trends and best practices in the events industry.
Engaging with industry stakeholders and participating in sustainability initiatives and partnerships.


At New Level Dubai, we recognize that climate change is a significant global challenge that requires urgent action. As an event management company, we have a responsibility to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the global effort to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. We are committed to integrating climate change considerations into our operations, events, and decision-making processes.

Policy Statements:

Emissions Reduction: We will reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by setting science-based targets that align with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. We will achieve these targets by implementing energy efficiency measures, promoting sustainable transport, sourcing renewable energy, and offsetting remaining emissions.
Climate Risk Management: We will identify and assess the physical, transition, and reputational risks and opportunities associated with climate change and develop strategies to mitigate and adapt to these risks. We will also engage with our clients, suppliers, and stakeholders on climate change issues and collaborate on solutions.
Sustainable Supply Chain: We will work with our suppliers to promote sustainable practices and reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain. We will prioritize suppliers that have demonstrated their commitment to environmental sustainability and climate action.
Climate Education and Engagement: We will educate and engage our staff, clients, and attendees on climate change issues and encourage them to take action. We will also provide resources and tools to enable them to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the global effort to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Implementation and Monitoring:

We will implement our climate change commitments by:

Developing a climate change action plan that outlines our goals, targets, and actions.
Establishing a climate change committee or designating a climate change champion to oversee the implementation of our climate change policy.
Conducting a baseline GHG emissions inventory and regularly tracking and reporting on our progress towards our GHG emissions reduction targets.
Implementing a sustainable procurement policy that prioritizes environmentally sustainable products and services.
Engaging with stakeholders on climate change issues and collaborating on solutions.
Providing climate change education and training to our staff, clients, and attendees.
We will monitor our climate change performance and continuously improve by:

Conducting regular climate risk assessments and updating our risk management strategies accordingly.
Staying up-to-date with the latest climate science and policy developments and integrating these into our operations and events.
Engaging with industry stakeholders and participating in climate action initiatives and partnerships.

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